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Introducing Our Sponsor: Tuatahi Racing Axes & Saws

Tuatahi is a prestigious family-owned business, renowned for crafting the world's finest axes and saws. Founded by Eddie Fawcett, Tuatahi takes immense pride in producing handcrafted tools that not only meet the specific needs of their users but are also durable enough to be passed down through generations.

At Tuatahi, the commitment to quality and reliability has earned them top accolades globally. The team, consisting of skilled craftsmen who are axemen themselves, continuously refines and develops their products to ensure they supply the highest quality possible. Their extensive knowledge of various wood types used worldwide and experience competing at international shows set them apart in the industry.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Tuatahi Axes for their generous support. Their sponsorship is invaluable to us, providing us with some of their excellent throwing axes, and we are proud to be associated with a company that embodies the spirit of craftsmanship and quality.

Tuatahi double bit axe in a target at Axemore Throwing Club
Tuatahi double bit axe in a target at Axemore Throwing Club

The name "Tuatahi," pronounced Two-Ah-Tah-Hee, carries the Māori meaning of "Number One" or "The Best." This philosophy is at the heart of everything Tuatahi does, from the meticulous crafting process to customer service. They are dedicated to ensuring that their products not only meet but exceed the expectations of their customers.

Tuatahi Axes maintains a presence on social media, where they connect with their community of enthusiasts and customers. Their Facebook and Instagram pages are hubs for sharing updates, showcasing their finely crafted products, and engaging with the wider axe and saw community.

@tuatahiaxes on Instagram

We encourage you to explore Tuatahi's offerings by visiting their website and connecting with them on social media. Together, let's appreciate the artistry and tradition that Tuatahi Axes brings to the world of axes and saws.

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